Fix Forward Head Posture Forever!! 

Dear Human,

My name's Dr Ben Levi.  

I'm a results-focused Southport Chiropractor based in the Gold Coast, Australia.

Today, I'm going to teach you about "forward head posture". And how you can fix it in 1 shockingly easy step....

But first,

I have to quickly teach you why "forward head posture" occurs for you.  

So you know how to fix it and finally eliminate your pain. "Forward head posture" is the #1 recurring problem I see with my patients.

And there's a big reason for this due to what we all do every day.

We are sitting on our computers.
We are driving our cars.
We are texting on our phones. 

All of these activities require you to focus on something in front of you.

And anytime you focus on something in front of you, your body's natural tendency is to lean forward.

Were you aware that most human heads weigh 4.5-6.3kg on average? And did you also know that most heavy bowling bowls weigh about 4.5-6.3 kg?

So imagine if you took that bowling bowl and placed it on top of your body. Your head is like a bowling ball sitting on top of your body

And your muscles, upper back, neck, ligaments and the joints in your spine have to maintain a correct position for damage not to be done to your body.

Studies show that for every inch that your head moves forward, it gains 4.5 kilos.

Now imagine if your head gets stuck in a position where it's moved 2 inches forward or 3-4 inches forward.

You could be under continuous pressure carrying an unnecessary extra 18 kilos around every day.

 And because of this, you're potentially going to develop adhesions, bulged discs and lower back pain.

Another area affected by "forward head posture" is your actual spine itself.

Over time, the joints and the bones in the spine become weaker. And then, as a result, your spine begins to degenerate. Bad posture will gradually make you live with less physical energy every day. It will also ensure that you live in a continuous state of feeling sore.

This continuous state will affect your performance at work. It will affect your health, happiness and physical performance with your loved ones. And it will also most definitely affect your mood every day. Can you now see how a simple posture correction can help you physically, but it can also massively affect your love life, career and mental health?

So let's get started on the solution, shall we?

Here is the #1 most shockingly easy exercise you can implement immediately to correct your "forward head posture".

*Drum roll, please* - Introducing:

The Chin Tuck

Important disclaimer: If this exercise causes any abnormal pain for you whilst you do it. Please do not continue to do it. Consult with a professional.

At first, practising this will seem abnormal, which may not be easy initially. Here's what you need to do to get started.

  1. Take two fingers, place them on your chin, and gently push backwards.
  2. Do 10-15 slow reps at a time.
  3. Alternatively, you can do "holds."
  4. You hold your chin back with your two fingers for about 15 seconds.
  5. Repeat this process five times a day

The goal over time is to get your chin to feel comfortable by sitting further back to re-align with your body.  

Initially, because you are used to leaning forward, this exercise will feel slightly uncomfortable for you.  But with practice and ongoing work, your spinal correction will be well underway, so don't give up!

The great thing about this simple exercise is that it's easy to implement, it's massively influential over time, and you can do it anywhere. You can do this exercise anywhere during your day.

For example: 

  • You can practice it when sitting at a red light in your car. 
  • Or when you are having a coffee break at work.
  • Or when you are reading.

If you continuously remind yourself to do this exercise. Your posture will begin to improve drastically.

And most importantly, you will notice that you will no longer be living in a continuous state of aches and pain or low energy. 

Important note: Knowledge is excellent, but execution is even more powerful.

I have now given you a simple exercise that can massively help you feel better every day. Please use it.

Lastly, if you still need further help. And if you are looking for a reliable, results-focused Gold Coast Chiropractor. Come and have a no-obligation chat with us at Spinal Health Australia. 

About me...

My name is Dr Ben Levi. I am a Southport chiropractor dedicated to helping people like you to eliminate your aches and pain once and for all. I have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and if you're willing to invest in your health. I'm here to help you. Please feel free to reach out at any time with your questions so we can chat about getting you back to a state of optimal performance in life. 

Thanks for reading my blog, and if you found it helpful, please share it with a friend who also suffers from "forward head posture".

Have a fantastic day!

Dr Ben Levi.

Chiropractor Southport.

Spinal Health Australia.


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